iSorb® Miotechnology.
Patented remediation treatments for oil, fuels, and other hydrocarbon contamination.

Smart, Successful Biological Cleaning.

Bioremediation is a safe, cost-effective solution for the cleanup of contamination caused by oil, fuels, and other hydrocarbons. By definition, bioremediation is the use of microorganisms to break down and consume environmental contaminants. But success depends on the treatment staying in place and active at the point of contamination. Our iSorb® Miotechnology was developed to do just that.

What is iSorb Miotechnology?

iSorb is a patented formulation of safe-to-use, natural ingredients that transforms water into a highly controllable smart gel. This smart gel is a fully developed biofilm providing the air, water, and nutrition needed to sustain the microbial colony. This smart gel is available in products known as MioGels and MioMats, and suitable for a wide range of applications.

What makes iSorb different?

Many bioremediation treatments contain toxic chemicals and use water as a delivery mechanism. Once you “turn off the tap,” where does the treatment go? Mostly down the drain, taking much of the contamination and chemicals with it.

iSorb is formulated in application-specific viscosities. Targeting and controlling the biological cleaning process becomes predictable, safe, and eco-friendly, even when applied to vertical surfaces.


The treatment is controllable and enables the microbes to remain where they are needed.
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Bioremediation where most of the microbes don't end up washed away with their water carrier.
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An application-specific cellular host enables microbes to thrive in-situ.
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Fewer applications with less maintenance achieves desired results in less time with minimal intrusion and lower overall costs.
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