Beyond Environmental

Controllable Bioremediation  

iSorb® is Science that Sticks™. iSorb even sticks to vertical surfaces, revolutionizing the way you think about remediating hydrocarbon contamination.

Successful bioremediation is greatly dependent on the treatment’s ability to make and maintain connection with the targeted contamination. Today the norm is to use water as a delivery mechanism. Unfortunately, when the “tap turns off,” the treatment simply washes away, often taking much of the contamination along for the ride to groundwater reserves and other unintended low spots. 

Our iSorb MioGels are formulated in a variety of viscosities, making the microbial application controllable — and a controllable application ensures the connection between MioGel and the contaminant.
  • Thin MioGels connect to contamination as they filter through soil. 
  • Thicker gels are used to connect microbes with hydrocarbons contaminating porous surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and aggregates. 
  • Our iSorb MioMats, when combined with MioGels, further enhance connectivity, particularly on man-made surfaces. 
  • Semi-solid gels are used to connect on vertical surfaces, like walls, bridges, the outside of fuel storage tanks, pipeline valves, transformers, and other equipment.

Patented iSorb MioGel is a highly controllable smart gel that delivers faster results with fewer applications because it connects trillions of active microbes directly to the targeted contamination in an unrivaled way.