Beyond Environmental

Greener and Cleaner 

Truly natural biological cleaning. No harmful chemicals, no secondary pollution, no wasted water.

Think about how bioremediation treatments are delivered: Primarily with water. Water-based treatment may start with trillions of microbes, but how many of them actually connect with the targeted contamination? The majority simply runs off with the water, taking much of the contamination with it, resulting in the need to repeat treatments over and over. And as for the washed away contaminants, consider that just one quart of oil can contaminate a quarter of a million gallons of drinking water.

This cycle of repeat treatments not only wastes water, it can cause secondary pollution.

Truly green, iSorb® MioGel was developed to conserve water and remain highly controllable while delivering results in fewer applications.

MioGel has transformed bioremediation treatments, becoming the greener and cleaner solution..