Beyond Environmental

A Smarter Solution  

Sustainable biomass is key to successful bioremediation. Microbes need a stress-free environment in order to maintain peak effectiveness.

Our patented iSorb Miotechnology provides that stress-free environment. iSorb is a formulation of hydrocarbon-consuming microbes blended with all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, which together transform water into a smart gel known as a MioGel.

MioGel is smart. It provides the microbes with the nutrients, air and water they need to survive. Meaning that when they arrive “on the job,” they are active and motivated to consume contamination.

Not only does MioGel provide a microbial life-support system, it is also responsive to environmental changes. Bioremediation is a natural process — it takes time. Over time, treatments can dry out. If a MioGel becomes dry, it can be recharged, meaning that each treatment will deliver and sustain trillions of microbes throughout the remediation process.