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iSorb® MioGel delivers predictable results, with one MioGel treatment being more effective than multiple traditional treatments.

Traditional bio treatments use water as their delivery system. Once you “turn off the tap,” where does the treatment go? Mostly down the drain, taking much of the contamination with it. This drives the need for traditional treatments to boost cleaning power by adding toxic chemicals. This, in turn, compounds contamination, because  once you “turn off the tap,” you’re also creating secondary pollution by adding toxic chemicals into the ecosystem. 

It is this cycle that is largely responsible for creating the perception that bioremediation doesn’t work.

Many products marketing themselves as bio-cleaners are in fact loaded with surfactants and chemicals. Why? Because most environmental contaminants are oil-based hydrocarbons, and most cleaning agents are water-based. Oil and water do not mix. See the problem?

These treatments can be effective, but they are not truly bio, certainly not organic, and they don’t check the boxes for sustainability, health, and safety.

iSorb is 100% natural, with microbes that use hydrocarbons as food and convert waste into harmless byproducts.