Beyond Environmental


Treating contamination in-situ is convenient and cost-effective. However, perceived challenges create barriers to wider adoption of in-situ bioremediation. iSorb® removes those barriers.

Barriers to traditional in-situ biological cleaning: How iSorb Miotechnology removes barriers
Hard to control. Most solutions use water as a carrier. Water flows freely, often away from the contamination, creating need for many applications. This drives up cost and reduces overall effectiveness. Easy to control. Application-specific viscosities stabilize treated surfaces for prolonged periods, minimizing waste and maximizing targeted productivity. The result is a repeatable, easy-to-use solution.
Hard to manage. Water evaporation compromises the sufficient moisture critical to success. Easy to manage. Simple to use, MioGel combines superior absorption and controlled release to maintain moisture levels and impede evaporation.
Hard to sustain. From high toxicity at the start of a job to exhausted food supplies at the end, it is difficult to maintain optimal nutrient levels microbes need to remain effective. Easy to sustain. MioGel provides microbes with a rechargeable food source. This helps ensure superior and sustainable biomass is maintained where it’s needed, for as long as it’s needed, delivering predictable results.
High costs. Repeated applications are needed to supply sufficient bacteria to the targeted site to successfully remediate contamination. The process is often complicated, vulnerable, seasonal, and takes too long. Low costs. Our nutrient-rich environment creates sustainable biomass. Paired with targeted controllability, fewer applications are required for a successful site remediation.