Beyond Environmental

Technology Overview

iSorb® Miotechnology uses a patented blend of natural ingredients that transform water into a highly controllable gel—iSorb MioGel. The hydrocarbon-consuming microbes used are safe to use, indigenous to North America and are non-GMO.

This smart gel technology has two main characteristics that differentiate it from traditional bioremediation treatments that use water as their delivery mechanism:

Variable Viscosity

MioGel is formulated in application-specific viscosities that can range from watery to semi-solid. The surface type, surface orientation, and level of contamination are all considered when formulating a gel.

Variable viscosity makes targeting and control of the biological cleaning process predictable, safe, and eco-friendly, even when applied to vertical surfaces.

Sustainable Biomass

MioGel is a ready-to-use biofilm. The gel is controllable and cellular in form, meaning every gel has cells or zones, which act as tiny life support systems. Within each zone, the microbes receive supplies of water, food, and air at levels superior to what is possible with conventional water-based biological treatments. This allows the microbes to work together to accelerate and maintain high levels of cleaning power.

All treatments can dry out during the remediation process. The cellular structure of our smart gel allows the treatment to be recharged.