A Chicago based family operated business, founded by Bryan Sims. Bryan has over 30 years’ experience building successful businesses, all focused on products that provide a positive environmental impact.

Beyond Environmental was founded to address the growing demand for chemical free, sustainable solutions to everyday problems. 

Our products help businesses and consumers address growing environmental regulations, improve health and welfare, minimize risk and reduce their overall carbon footprint.


Beyond Environmental proudly offers the Eco Strong™ family of biologic solutions that transform contaminants into harmless compounds such as water and CO2. All Eco Strong products utilize the highest quality, scientifically selected microorganisms, and environmentally safe surfactants. We offer products and services for wastewater treatment, commercial and industrial degreasing, soil remediation, drain and septic care, and odor elimination.


Little things matter. The idea that little things matter holds special truth when it comes to the environment. And this simple mission, to do something better, guides our science and integrity every day. Our corporate values are best summed up by the expression “above and beyond.” Through better science, we help protect the business bottom line, public health, and the environment for generations to come.