Beyond Environmental


iSorb®’s patented natural formulation dramatically accelerates the remediation process by delivering and maintaining high concentrations of hydrocarbon-consuming microorganisms directly on the targeted contamination.


Today, industry is under increasing pressure to reduce its overall environmental footprint. Yet choosing a non-aggressive sustainable cleaning solution can be out of sync with day-to-day operational demands. 

iSorb MioGel and MioMats were designed to be that solution. Application-specific viscosities make a non-aggressive cleaning solution possible in places where using a lot of water is impractical or unsafe. MioGel can be used as a stand-alone treatment or combined with our nutrient-rich MioMats, creating bio-exfoliation. MioGel and MioMats deliver results, without harmful chemicals or the risk of secondary contamination.

Requirements for in-situ treatments vary greatly based on site conditions. MioGel is customizable to meet your site-specific requirements. MioGel is formulated in viscosities designed for the needs of environmentally sensitive areas. Formulations for in-situ surface soil applications and ex-situ soil cleaning are readily available.