Beyond Environmental

Beyond Environmental: Industries Served

iSorb® is easy to use, delivers predictable results, and has little to no impact on day-to-day operations. We help your bottom line by reducing risk to workers while improving public health and safety. iSorb also reduces downtime while accelerating remediation timelines. It promotes environmental sustainability and provides a ready solution for industries feeling pressure to reduce their environmental impact.


Contamination from oil and fuels is an ongoing issue for an industry that runs on hydrocarbons. Railroads have strong environmental protection goals. We can help meet those goals with bio-cleaning and bio-exfoliation solutions specifically designed for your environment, from repair shops to fuel storage areas, retaining walls, track ballast, and more.

Transformer oil leaks and spills are inevitable. Ongoing cleaning of contaminated surfaces helps keep oil from leaking into the environment. MioGels provide a non-aggressive bio-cleaning solution that is perfect for your industry. MioGel is already widely used in the UK for this purpose.

Refineries, pipelines, fuel distribution centers, home heating oil storage tanks, and more — each has the potential to create hydrocarbon contamination. The petrochemical industry needs a cost-effective, predictable, and environmentally sustainable method for dealing with this contamination without disrupting daily operations.

iSorb® MioGel is ideal for any industry where surface hydrocarbon contamination is an issue. MioGel works on virtually any surface—even vertical surfaces. Our all-natural formulations won’t harm the environment or your equipment. You focus on running the business and let us provide you with a solution to help reduce your overall environmental footprint.

With its empowering simplicity at the point of use, iSorb is ideal for any industry where there is the possibility of hydrocarbons, oils, and other pollutants contaminating surfaces. It works on virtually any surface—even going vertical and staying in place. Its patented formulation and processes deeply penetrate porous surfaces to deliver predictable, natural results. iSorb’s all-natural composition won’t harm the environment, leaving behind hydrocarbon-free ground, workspaces, and equipment. Contact a representative for a consultation on your specific needs and how iSorb can help.

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