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Products Overview

iSorb® Miotechnology is a patented hydrocarbon bioremediation treatment. The technology was designed to conserve water, be controllable on the job, simplify the application process and reduce overall labor and cost.

iSorb is used by a wide variety of industries to solve their hydrocarbon contamination problems.

Two Product Categories

iSorb has been formulated in application specific viscosities and is offered in two product types.

These products will treat: petroleum products, crude oils, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, cutting and turbine oils mineral spirits, mineral oil, transformer & cable lubricating oils.

Note:  If the contaminate you need to remediate is not include in this list please contact us to discuss a custom blend. Custom blends will treat: polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, creosote, VOCs, chlorohydrocarbons, benzene and more.


iSorb® MioGel

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iSorb® MioMats

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