Beyond Environmental

Our Science

Our science was developed to provide an effective biotechnology for the remediation of hydrocarbon contamination that overcomes the perception of bioremediation as impractical and unreliable. The result, iSorb® MioTechnology, is an eco-conscious bioremediation solution.

The viscosity is customized based on application and can range from watery to semi-solid. The ability to create application-specific viscosities is a significant differentiator for iSorb. The ability to customize the viscosity intensifies targeting to optimize the contact between the contamination and the MioGel.
Our science is about transforming the way bioremediation treatments are delivered in order to conserve water, improve results, and reduce overall cost.


  • In-situ or ex-situ, used as part of a multi-phase remediation program
  • Treatment application on surface, below surface, or mixed with contaminated soil

Biological Treatment

  • Equipment decontamination
  • Tank cleaning/degreasing
  • Carbon-stained walls, floors, gravel areas

Vapor Suppression

  • Protect health and safety of on-site workers and the public
  • Processes that require control include excavation, soil loading and unloading, transportation, holding ponds