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Science that Sticks™.  

iSorb® Miotechnology has transformed the efficiency of conventional biological treatments by the way it utilizes water.

Today the norm is to deliver biological treatments in water. Once you “turn off the tap,” this water mostly washes down the drain, taking much of the contamination with it — wasting time, money and water.

iSorb is a patented formulation of safe-to-use, natural ingredients blended into application-specific viscosities. The viscosity is customized based on the application on which it is to be used and can range from watery to semi-solid.

The ability to customize the viscosity results in a highly controllable smart gel that delivers, connects, and holds trillions of active microbes directly on the targeted contamination.

iSorb was developed to give control to bioremediation treatments, make them easy to customize, and to conserve water.

At the end of the day, our science is entirely about transforming the efficiency of bioremediation and biological cleaning. By doing this, we help industry protect the environment and human health, resulting in sustainable economic growth.


The treatment is controllable and enables the bacteria to remain where it is needed.
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Bioremediation where most of the bacteria doesn’t end up washed away with its water carrier.
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An application-specific cellular host enables bacteria to thrive in-situ.
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Fewer applications with less maintenance to achieve desired result in less time with minimal intrusion and lower overall costs.
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